Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurant


The Secrets of Our Taste


Since its founding, Neboke has been committed to maintaining the freshness of fish and has developed our own distribution network. We serve food in the most delicious way. We provide fish caught in the morning. Cutting down the distribution process enables us to deliver fish in the freshest condition. We trace back the seas and fishing boats to ensure that our customers enjoy the fish with the highest safety.

ReasonQuality of Fish

We provide customers with the taste that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Our specialties are fish dishes. For example, bonito. A secret of the tastes is in our fishing.

The bonito used at our restaurant are caught by single-hook fishing. They are carried to the port, then to our restaurants with freshness maintained, ensuring the taste at the highest level.

Kue, the luxury winter fish is popular among foodies. We serve only large fat-filled natural Kue. We set our own standards in the size of Kue, which is more than 15 kilograms, much larger than farmed Kue or even natural ones often seen in a market. We have established a cooperative framework with the suppliers to maintain the freshness of the fish.

We visit the local fishing port and teach how to tighten the fish. The nerve dead end of fish is tightened before the fish are being shipped. Then they are stocked in the specially made fishing cages until shipped to our restaurants allowing the freshness and the texture to be kept in the best condition.


We live in a country with four distinctive seasons. We use seasonal ingredients grown by carefully selected farmers from various parts of Japan. This way, our customers can enjoy the best seasonal dishes at our restaurants.

Harmony with Nature.

Our taste is created with the appreciation of nature.
Only with the gifts from nature has the Neboke thrived through the century.
Beyond making delicious food, we make our taste known.
It’s our mission to deliver unchanging tastes of seasonal dishes to our customers over the next hundred years.
We are committed to keeping our tasty culture and pass on to the future through social activities.

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