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Nature Conservation Activities

Preserve the tastes

Truly delicious dishes can be created only with the ingredients found in sustainable environments.
We participate in various social activities to decrease the damage to the environments.
Our standards of food procurement are in accordance with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by United Nations.
We believe our activities will benefit our business as well as our society.

Activities to
the tastes
Support the
Association for the
Safety of the Sea for
the Future.

Neboke supports the Association for the Safety of the Sea for the Future(ASSF*). It promotes sustainable ways of fishing and consumptions, ensuring the food culture to be passed on to our children in the future.

*The ASSF was invited to the Packard Foundation Sea Food Sustainability Project as one of Japan's leading organizations to promote the sustainability of marine resources. It was also selected as a Japanese representative at the Seafood Summit held in Malta Island.

Activities to
the tastes
To save

Bonito is the Neboke's core dish. In recent years, the amount of fish caught has been on a downward trend due to overfishing. To avoid excessive fishing and protect marine resources, we only use bonito caught by single hook fishing. In order to bring back more bonito to the sea, we did research on the conditions of bonito. We participated in the Save the Bonito Association established in 2009. We are also involved in educational activities on food culture. We have participated in international conferences (WCPFC) to disseminate the importance of preserving sea animals to the world.

Activities to
the tastes
activities for a
clear stream

NEBOKE is committed to serving the highest quality fish to our customers. We believe it's only possible with the respect for the nature.
We are involved in environmental protection activities in order to protect the lives of river creatures in Niyodo-river in Kochi, Japan.
Ten years ago, fish disappeared from the river. We looked for the cause and found that there was no one to take care of the forest located in the river's upstream.
When forests are damaged, driftwood and soils flow into the rivers and river fish lose the place to live. Having felt the urgent need to bring river creatures back to the river, we decided to implement a forest protection program. Within a few years, Niyodo river became one of the cleanest rivers in Japan. Now we serve fish from the river in the best condition possible every summer.

We aim to be a pioneer to
protect nature and food industries.

The food industries have strong connections with nature.
Living in a country abundant of nature, we believe it’s our mission to protect nature.
Through our social activities, we ensure the tastes be passed on to the future generations.
We would like to be a pioneer who thinks of how food industries in Japan can co-exist with nature and continue to be a messenger who sends what’s truly delicious to our customers.

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