Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurant



  1. Founded "Neboke" in Kochi Prefecture

  2. Opened "A taste department store"

  3. Established a limited company Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa

  4. Opened the first "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa"

  5. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Hankyu Third Avenue Store"

  6. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Neboke Akasaka (In-house building)"

  7. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Grand Building"

  8. Opened "Suigei-tei Osaka"

    Opened "Suigei-tei Shinjuku"

  9. Opened "Suigei-tei Kochi Store"

  10. Opened the "Tosa cuisine Tsukasa Shinkyobashi"

    Opened the "Tosa Cuisine Neboke Ginza (in-house building)"

  11. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Airport"

  12. Opened "Suigei-tei Shinjuku Annex"

  13. In commemoration of "Tosa culinary store’s 20th anniversary",
    Donated a fire engine "Shiho" to Kochi City.

    Donated Youth Development Fund to Kochi Prefecture

  14. Completed Tokyo Headquarters Building in Shibuya

  15. Donate to "Ryuna Fund"

    Opened "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Umeda Chayacho"

  16. Changed company name to "Kazuoh Corporation"

  17. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Food Distribution Center"

  18. Renewal opening of "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Hankyu Grand Building"

  19. Renewal opening of "Tosa cuisine Tsukasa Kochi"

  20. Renovated "Tosa Neboke Shinjuku"

    Opened the "Tosa Cuisine Neboke Marunouchi"

  21. Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the Food Development Division

  22. Renewal opening of "Tosa cuisine Neboke Akasaka"

  23. Opened "Tosa Cuisine Neboke Nihombashi"

  24. Reaching the "100th Anniversary"

    Formulate "New Corporate Message"

  25. Opened renewed restaurant "Gohandokoro Tsukasa". Serving set meals.

    Changed company name to "Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Ltd".

    Renewal opening of "Sake and Sakana SUIGEI"

  26. Opened "Tsukasa Shokudou"

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